For a limited time take $100 OFF your first writing or design project $299 or above

For a limited time, take $50 OFF your first writing or design project from $99 to $298

And you may save even more when combining multiple projects, such as a business card and brochure. Contact me for a quote.

Brand Package Special 

Contact me for quote

Brand Package Illustration

This is your opportunity to have a custom-tailored brand created for a bargain price. Your brand will help people recognize your business and what you are “about” at a glance.

Your brand package will include:

  • Logo (If you already have a logo that you are happy with, I will reduce the cost of your brand package by $50.00)
  • Logo variation (for alternative uses, such as letterhead)
  • Tag line
  • Color Palette – Five colors selected specifically to represent you in all your communications. This includes a primary color, secondary color, and 3 accent colors
  • Typefaces – Two complimentary typefaces (fonts) to identify you to customers. One for headlines, the second for longer sections of print. Depending on the typefaces chosen, I will also include alternates that can be used easily in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Brand Standard Handbook explaining the brand personality, standards, and how to keep all your communications consistent with your brand.
  • Business Card
  • 30-minute brand training (optional at no additional charge) for you and your staff. I will explain the “why” behind your brand – the way it represents you to the public – and the “how,” so your brand will be used effectively and consistently across your communications.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Brand Images – a collection of photos or graphics that define your brand.  If you have a large collection of good quality photos, I can select a collection from them, or I can select stock photos or create graphics for an additional charge.
  • Brochure, Web Banner, or Sign for Print

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