Graphic Design

Mouthwatering Design

Quality graphic design begins sharing your message before your customers read a single word.

The right images, colors, typefaces, and infographics tell people what you’re about: Trustworthy. Fun. Expert. Adventurous. Tasty. A small-scale coffee roaster can tell us all about their ethically sourced coffee beans and slow-roasting process. But that image of a creamy latte is going to make us smell the coffee as we read.

My design services are affordable but they are also 100% customized to your product or service. Let me help you communicate in more than words. Click here to view my portfolio. And for an infographic sample, check out “How the heck do you pronounce Wellensiek?”

Design Services

These are a few of the most-requested items, but I welcome all kinds of projects. So contact me to discuss your graphic design needs and get a quote for your particular project. When you are ready, I will prepare a contract with prices, details and delivery deadlines before we begin.

Be sure to check out my INTRODUCTORY SPECIALS for huge savings on your first project.

cropped-bon-logo-fixed-blue1.png Logo

Your logo is your first introduction to who you are, and it should bring your business to mind every time people see it. I’ll work with you to design an attractive, professional logo that lays the foundation for your brand.

Brochure compositeTri-fold or Bi-fold Brochure

A brochure is a go-to marketing tool to help potential customers learn who you are. Your brochure presents the most important facts about your business or organization in an accessible, visually interesting format.

Business CardBusiness Card

This basic business tool is as much a necessity today as ever. When you hand someone your card, make sure you’re handing them a good impression.

Newsletter Template - smallNewsletter Template that you can edit

Stay in touch with your customers, and share useful, interesting information that reminds them you are someone they can rely on. I’ll design a template in a format that you can edit easily yourself with fresh content each time you send it out. I’ll even include 1 hour of training on how to edit your template and keep it looking great!

BlodgettBikes sample adSingle-Sided Ad

Whether it’s a newspaper or magazine ad, billboard, or web banner, your advertising dollars are wasted if people don’t look. Get your money’s worth with an eye-catching ad.

Crossfire Annual ReportAnnual Report / Magazine /Catalog

These are cornerstone pieces of communication. In today’s information-saturated world, you need to grab your readers’ attention with interesting design that makes them want to open the cover and keep reading.

Good to Know

Getting Started with Your Design Project

Please contact me to discuss your design needs. I will be happy to meet with you in person in the Colorado Springs area, or over the phone or Zoom, as you prefer, to discuss your project before we begin.

When you’re ready to start, I’ll ask you to provide me with the basic information needed for your project.
For example, if I am doing an ad for your bicycle shop, I’ll need a high-quality photo of your shop, or a particular bike you want included in the ad. I’ll ask for a digital copy of your logo, unless you want me to design one for you, and any copy you want included in your ad, such as address, phone number, email, website, the exact wording and disclaimers you want to appear on a coupon, and what you want the ad to say.

I can also write the copy for your project, for an additional fee.

Depending on your budge, I can use images in my design work that are free to use at no cost. I have sources for thousands of stunning. copyright-free, royalty-free images, and that helps keep your costs down. However, if your project requires me to purchase rights to an image, I will discuss this with you, and you will be responsible for the cost of any images we need to purchase. This is most likely to be the case if you need a very specific image. For example, if you absolutely must have a photo of Paris taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower, or you need a photo of a man sitting on an airplane working on a laptop. In some cases, I may find a free image that will do nicely, as well as a for-purchase image that would look great, and I’ll lpresent you with both options.

Delivery Time

I am an independent writer and designer. That means your project will have my personal attention, and we can work together to make it thoroughly customized.

Because I’m a one-woman company, my delivery time will depend on how many projects I already have in the pipeline. I may be able to turn your project around very quickly if you catch me at the right time. If my workload is such that I can’t start on your project for a while, I’ll tell you upfront, so you can decide whether or not my available timing will work for you.

The contract we sign will include a delivery deadline for your project.

All work will be delivered electronically. You will be responsible for printing, producing, or publishing your project. If you would like me to suggest a print provider, or answer any questions your printer may have, I am happy to do so.

Need original photos? I can help.

I am not a professional photographer, but I can take a basic head-shot or some decent photos of your business to use in your project. (For a sample of my photography, see the Crossfire Ministries 2016 Annual Report; I took all of the photos that appear in that project.)

However, if you would like absolutely stunning, professional photographs, I can refer you with confidence to these excellent photographers in the Colorado Springs area: 

Tara Patty and Colleen Briggs

Say what? (Some Basic Terminology)

If this is your first experience working with a professional designer, here are some terms that will be helpful to know.

Copy – This is just writing. So the copy for your brochure is all the words in the brochure.

Content – Often the writing, and sometimes the photos as well. So if you provide me information about your dog-walking services, the prices you charge, testimonies from happy dog owners, and why you are the best dog-walker on the planet, along with your logo and a photo of you and your pooch… all that is the content. Now I’ll take that content and turn it into a fun, attractive brochure that will make people more anxious to hire you than a Chihuahua waiting for a walkie. (OK, no lawyer has actually evaluated that claim for Chihuahua accuracy. Just saying.)

Bleed – Not as deadly as it sounds. Bleed just means that the color goes all the way to the edge of the paper. (It “bleeds” off the edge.) This usually makes a piece look sharper and more professional. But it will increase your printing cost a little, because the printer will have to print your project on a larger sheet of paper then trim it. If even one bit of the color or artwork goes all the way to the edge of the sheet, your project has “bleed,” and will need to be trimmed. I can design your project with full bleed, or not, as you want. Let’s say I did a newsletter template for you, and you plan to print it each month on your home or office printer. Since most regular printers can’t print all the way to the edge, you would want me to design your template with a white margin around the edge (no bleed).

Branding – I’ve got a whole page on this one. Bottom line… if you don’t have a brand, you should.

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